Cold Heading Wire

Cold heading wire is used for production of fasteners and fixings in automotive and construction

Technical Specs

Form: Coils (loose or layer wound)
Conical coils
Z2 and Z3 coils
Packaging: On pallets
With a cardboard centre
On a wooden beam
With lifting eyes
Wrapped in plastic
Wrapped in polycrêpe paper
Dimension range: Dimension range 1.25 - 17.00 mm.
Weigth per unit 250kg - 3.500kg
Treatments Pickled
In the following combinations: +U+C
Surface: Phosphated, soap drawn, cupper coated, finally annealed
Steel Grade: C4C- C8C- C10C - C15C - C20C- C15E2C -C17E2C - C20E2C- C35EC- C45EC - 17B2 - 23B2 - 33B2- 38B2 - 17MnB5 - 19MnB4(Cr) - 20MnB4 - 23MnB4 - 30MnB4 - 27CrB4 – 42CrMo4
Other analysis on request
European Standard: Grade DIN EN 10263 part 2-4, DIN EN 10267
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